Turn Procurement into your organizational advantage

Stop wasting 75% of your time with antiquated dental purchasing practices and save your company thousands with CureMint.

Drive down costs

CureMint can save 20 dental offices over 16k per month.

Number of dental units in your practice
Total Cost Per Month

Get Control of Your Spend in 30 Days

Keep your organizational spend and supply chain on time, on track, and on budget without disrupting your staff day-to-day workflow.

  • Company-wide Spend Visibility & Optimization
  • Control roque spending before its sent to vendors
  • Budget Management Per Office
  • Drive formulary acceptance organically

A Single Source of Truth for Every Office, Every Formulary, Every Vendor

Our customer success team works with you to create an optimized environment tailored to meet your unique needs. From formulary acceptance to reconciliation, we make sure your staff can stay on budget and find the right products they need, quickly every time.

The Most Intuitive Dental Ordering Experience on the Market

What if you could reduce the time allotted to procurement tasks by 75% AND provide your offices with a system that they love to use without any training required? CureMint is the most user-friendly and intuitive dental procurement software on the market today

  • Custom Promotional Banners
  • User-level Favorites
  • Automated Most and Recently Purchased lists
  • Global Search across all vendors
  • Build procedure-specific product lists

Procurement Operations

  • Centralized Marketplace
  • Formulary tracking and control
  • Real-time Spend Dashboard
  • Approval Workflows
  • Intelligent Office Groupings and User Permissions
  • Global Search
  • Receive and Reconciliation
  • Most and Recently Purchased
  • Custom Shareable Product Lists
  • Visible Order History
  • Place one order with multiple vendors at once
  • Export purchase history

Business Intelligence

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Budget Management
  • Global Vendor Search
  • Historic and Predictive Data Insights*
  • Centralized Invoice Management & Payment*
  • Financial Integration*
  • GL code Mapping*
  • Customizable search algorithms*

* In development


  • Unlimited products and vendors
  • Unlimited formularies
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Hands-free support in establishing your catalog, office, and users

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