You're expanding your dental enterprise

Now run it like aFortune 100 company.

CureMint® Dental Procurement provides an intuitive ordering experience optimized for your dental organization. Increase spend visibility, automate workflows, and realize increased operational efficiency.

Drive down costs with a scalable and predictable procurement process

Bring visibility and control to purchasing chaos with a modern process backed by CureMint’s innovative technology specifically built for dental organizations.



Grow responsibility by unifying your organization with the perfect procurement balance of freedom and control.


Get visibility into your procurement ecosystem-every office, every user, and every vendor.


Reduce costs by ensuring your office buys the right thing at the right time, every time.

The Most Intuitive Dental Procurement Experience on the Market

What if you could reduce the time allotted to procurement tasks by 75% AND provide your offices with a system that they love to use without any training required? CureMint is the most user-friendly and intuitive dental procurement software on the market today.

  • Global Search and Ordering Across All Vendors
  • Spend Dashboard and Budget Visibility For Every Office and Purchaser
  • User-level Favorites
  • Automated Most and Recently Purchased lists
  • Build Procedure-Specific Product Lists

A Single Source of Truth for Every Office, Every Supplier, Every Order

Our customer success team works with you to create a protected and optimized environment tailored to meet your unique needs. From formulary acceptance to reconciliation, we make sure your organization can stay on budget and find the items they need quickly every time.

See how CureMint® enabled this dental organization to reduce supply order time by 76%.

We Onboard Your Company, Vendors and Products

Let us do the hard work of setting up your procurement environment, so you have more time to work with your staff on adoption and change management.

Flexible Pricing ThatScales With You

With our flexible, modular pricing model, CureMint’s offers pricing per office, not per user. Whether you have 2 offices or 1000, we built a system to scale with you.


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