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CureMint® is the first and only all-in-one marketplace and spend management software designed specifically for the unique needs of dental organizations.

CureMint 20 Most Promising Procurement Solutions

Enjoy your own organizational Amazon where only pre-determined products are offered. You control when they can be purchased and by whom, while gathering meaningful data on your spending habits to empower better business decisions.

CureMint® provides an intuitive, Amazon-like experience, optimized for your organization. Put a stop to rogue spending and realize increased operational efficiency.

Simply put, CureMint® increases profits.

You’ve spent years creating your enterprise.

Now run it like a Fortune 100 company.


How It Works


Simply identify the number of practices you have, enter each physical address, then send an email invite to your staff. BOOM! You’re ready to go. Pay month-to-month, no commitments, no startup costs.


CureMint’s cloud-based system gives everyone in your organization access to the right vendors anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Relish the time saved through the removal of inefficient paper and email processes. Turn your purchasing and sourcing process into an organizational advantage.


Source from multiple suppliers seamlessly through CureMarket, unlocking thousands in contracted savings and perks. Gain real-time control on office budgets and stop rogue spending before its starts.

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