Drive Down Supply Costs

Organize all your data at once and easily identify opportunities for materials cost savings through CureMint. Whether you operate 50+ offices or you’re running a solo practice, CureMint helps growing dental organizations leverage their data to get the most out of their purchasing power.

Negotiate Smarter and Save

Improve your negotiating position with a verified spend history down to every dollar. CureMint provides easy access to your organization’s entire order volume so you can create a stronger RFQ that delivers more savings. And with CureMint’s procure-to-pay solution, you can track and ensure realization of all of your hard-earned savings in one place.

Execute your Plan with Ease

Put your cost reduction strategy into action with a centralized procurement platform that ensures your dental offices are buying the right products from the right sources. With enhanced workflows for searching, ordering, and purchasing dental supplies, CureMint provides a powerful solution to keep your sourcing plan on track.

Keep Suppliers Accountable

You worked hard to negotiate better prices – let CureMint safeguard your savings through automatic 3-way bill matching. Verify each bill with a corresponding purchase order in seconds and create an efficient, visible layer of accountability for all your vendor payments.


Find the Best Value for your Dental Organization

Save on dental supplies, reduce overhead expenses, and drive formulary adoption with a proven solution to improve your bottom line.

  • Analyze and understand exactly what you’re purchasing
  • Receive the most competitive RFQs
  • Negotiate with manufacturers like a pro
  • Select the best partners for your dental organization
  • Drive formulary compliance like never before

9 Step Guide to Reducing Dental Supply Costs

Learn how to drive down supply and laboratory costs by building a sourcing strategy that continues to deliver savings year after year.


Source-to-Contract Made Easy


As a leader in the dental procurement industry, CureMint provides strategic sourcing services for growing dental organizations to improve their supplier partnerships and drive down costs. Our experienced strategic sourcing experts will work with you to analyze your organization’s spend, vendors, and contracts to identify cost reduction opportunities. We help structure formal RFP processes and implement proven practices to ensure best-value agreements that strike the perfect balance between quality supplies and cost reduction that everyone in your organization enthusiastically supports.


In the case that you do not have enough volume to significantly impact pricing, or if the proprietary approach seems a bit time consuming, then our crowdsourced approach may be for you. In partnership with SourceClub, a group purchasing organization and strategic sourcing partner, we can help you take a crowdsourced approach to your supply needs, leveraging the purchasing power of SourceClub’s extensive member network to drive substantial supply cost savings similar to that of the largest dental organizations. This crowdsourced approach offers tremendous value for all dental organizations, regardless of their size, who simply want the best price without having to exert their valuable time and energy negotiating with suppliers.