CureMint co-founders, Brandon McCarty
(left) and Chris Rathgeb (right)

Our Story

CureMint was launched to solve a big problem: how to fix the dental industry’s outdated procurement process. Many dental practices are stuck using inefficient systems to get new supplies, leaving them vulnerable to overspending, hidden costs, and other risks. We set out to fill these gaps, working toward our vision of a simple end-to-end procurement ecosystem that is under the full control and protection of the dental organization. From our origins in California to our headquarters in the Research Triangle of Raleigh-Durham, CureMint has grown from a small startup to a fully operational SaaS company of thinkers, doers, and problem-solvers.


Spend Managed on CureMint Annually

Core Values

Our Purpose

At CureMint, our purpose is to empower people to focus on what transforms their lives. From the front office to the back office, we help dental organizations improve inefficiencies with delightful technical solutions that make our customers' jobs easier and more productive. Whether it’s designing a new product or fixing an old problem, we’re dedicated to building a future that works more efficiently for everyone.