Increase Formulary Compliance & Reduce Rogue Spending

Increase formulary compliance with a platform that makes your staff smile. Establish and manage a custom catalog that is under your full control and utilize multiple formularies to not stifle, but encourage purchasing decisions that result in the successful execution of your procurement strategy.

Find The Product You Need
Every Time

Ease the burden on your staff from searching for what your office needs every time they place an order. CureMint’s intuitive marketplace prioritizes the products you use and makes it easy to order when you need them.

“CureMint is a whole other ball game. I absolutely love it!”

Sherry Maloy, Orthodontic Specialists of Seguin & San Marcos

Streamline Workflows And Gain Proactive Control Over Spend

Easily build automated review and approval workflows that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Enjoy the flexibility to customize rules that only trigger approvals when needed, saving you money and the drudgery of reviewing every order.

  • Office, Region or User
  • Vendor, Manufacturer, Budget, Formulary or Quantity
  • Require Approval or Simply Send a Notification

Confirm You Received Exactly What You Ordered

Easily record when you receive new supplies and set yourself up for a 3-way match with your Accounts Payable team. CureMint’s order tracking features are designed to give your organization full visibility into the procure-to-pay process.