We are CureMint

We’re a tech company bringing radical change to the dental industry’s extremely fragmented and painful procurement process. How we go about executing our mission is The CureMint Way, a shared ethos that guides us in everything we do.

Building a More Efficient Future

Our core philosophy is based on a deep-rooted belief that continuous improvement delivers change for the better. Day by day, we’re focused on improving inefficient processes by imagining the outcomes we want to see and bringing those visions to life with a product-led, customer-facing approach.

Putting the Power Back into Your Hands

We believe in a procurement ecosystem independent of any one supplier and under the full control and protection of the customer. Today, CureMint is leading the charge for a modern procurement process, disrupting the status quo with a delightfully holistic solution that delivers a single source of truth for every office, every supplier, and every order.

Solving Procurement

From sourcing to payment and everything in between, CureMint turns supplying your business into a competitive advantage by removing blindspots and reducing operational costs. Our user-friendly platform is accessible to any sized business looking for more control and visibility over its supply chain.

An Innovative Process

Before a line of code was ever written, CureMint took an industry-first approach. We conducted dozens of audits and workshops with C-Suite executives, procurement and supply chain leaders, A/P controllers, and product formulary committees to create a solution tailored for each of their unique needs.