The Dental Procurement Process,
Reinvented and Simplified


Connecting Procurement and
A/P Teams Like Never Before

Eliminate costly bottlenecks with an all-in-one solution that provides quick and easy collaboration at every step of your procure-to-pay journey.

  • Erase blindspots between internal teams
  • Improve collaboration, trust, and
    intelligence gathering
  • Utilize 3-way invoice matching to prevent
    duplicate or erroneous payments
  • Eliminate human error through the
    automation of manual workflows
  • Manage procurement and payment activity
    from one central database

Experience a Fresh Take on Dental Procurement

Remove obstacles in your procure-to-pay process with the help of automated tools for ordering, approving, tracking, and paying for dental supplies. Create a standard and repeatable process for procurement, centralize all your vendors and billing in one place, guide smarter spend decisions, and more.

Simplify your Supply Chain

CureMint streamlines the dental procurement process by using proven technology to digitize your supply catalog and execute all ordering and billing through a single online platform. Free up your staff from scrolling through endless catalogs, multiple vendor portals, and invoices – CureMint integrates with all your suppliers at once and connects your procurement and A/P teams for a more efficient supply chain.

Maximize Efficiency through Automation

From procurement to payment and everything in between, CureMint helps your dental organization save time and run smoothly. Speed up purchase approvals, order processing, and invoicing with an all-in-one platform that automates your team’s most repetitive manual tasks. CureMint automatically records data for every order, reducing human input error as technology powers your growing organization to scale without a hassle.

Seamless Reporting and Visibility

CureMint makes it easy to gather meaningful insights into where your money is going thanks to effortless centralization of all your dental procurement activities. Switch to a single source of truth for every office in your organization and instantly gain access to data and analytics that are often extremely time-consuming and difficult to obtain.

Expertly Onboard New Staff and Dental Practices

Scale your organization efficiently while alleviating costly change management issues. From lead dental assistants to procurement managers, CureMint’s user-friendly interface reduces employee training time and ensures formulary adoption for your dental organization to realize your long-term purchasing strategy.


With all vendors in one place and automated tools for spend management, CureMint can enable dental organizations to improve procurement efficiency by more than 75%.



Gain complete price transparency as CureMint automatically matches your invoices and purchase orders to reduce manual processing chores for your A/P team.