WeWork’s Newest ‘Veterans in Residence’ Get Down to Business

At the end of World War II, the GI Bill helped many return to the workforce or go to college. Large corporations like IBM pledged to hire these highly skilled workers, and some have similar programs today.

But that employment trajectory—the lifelong corporate job with a pension and a gold watch when you turn 60—is not the norm these days. An increasing number of people start their own thing, often testing the waters by renting space in a coworking setup like WeWork, which now has 502 locations across the US.

Which is why WeWork Veterans in Residence (ViR), a partnership with Bunker Labs, launched in 2016. With 18 units—or cohorts—nationwide, it gives veterans and military spouses support to build a business, including full WeWork membership privileges and complimentary workspace for six months. There’s also a host of digital help, including an online-only mini MBA-style program.