CureMint Named 20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers by CIO Review

Today we are excited to announce CureMint was named one of the 20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers – 2019 by CIO Review. This listing focuses on companies that are at the forefront of procurement and impacting the industry.

A majority of industries today have moved away from archaic procurement and supply chain processes in an effort to optimize workflows, lower costs, reduce errors, and improve productivity. However, the healthcare sector—and, in particular, the dental industry—still takes a backseat when it comes to adopting e-procurement solutions. This is primarily due to an industry that is just beginning to mature; where such investments play a significant role in impacting their bottom line.

As a result, dental practices lack an efficient e-procurement mechanism for need identification, invoice approval, and payment processing. To address this innovation gap, CureMint was founded. The company developed the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one marketplace and spend management software that is specifically tailored for dental organizations.

“The idea was to build a platform that not only centralizes the e-procurement process but also the supply chain process, bringing about efficiency in business transactions for both the supplier and dental organization,” explains Brandon Patrick McCarty, co-founder and CEO of CureMint.

Replacing conventional paper-based and email processes that were used to manage procurement transactions with CureMint’s eProcurement software, dental organizations have been able to increase operational efficiency significantly. With the help of the software’s dental-specific intuitive interface that can be used without prior training, a dental assistant can manage their organization’s purchasing and sourcing processes. In addition, the platform works closely with dental vendors to ensure efficiency gains and visibility are occurring for both sides CureMint empowers dental practices to gain real-time control over their budgets by delivering meaningful insights into purchasing behavior and stop rogue spending before it begins. “Without investing a significant amount of time and resources, dental practices can make better business decisions and increase profit,” says McCarty. This software is especially a boon for smaller dental organizations that do not have a dedicated procurement department and rely on a single employee to manage purchasing supplies, among other duties. For this reason, the CureMint team’s focus always lies in reducing the complexity associated with e-procurement operations; “so that a dental assistant can love using the system as much as the CFO and procurement manager,” states McCarty.

In one instance, McCarty mentions how CureMint helped a client consolidate and bring visibility to their organizational spend. The client was preparing for aggressive business expansion and anticipated that its 10 offices in different locations would grow to over 30 within a year. However, each of their branch offices was using separate supplier accounts and payment terms to transact with the vendors. Thus, the vendors failed to realize that all the different offices belonged to the same organization. Consequently, the pricing was disorganized and the client’s management team lacked visibility into their procurement processes. With CureMint’s help, the client was able to consolidate its procurement processes into a single platform and effortlessly keep track of their formulary while negotiating better terms and pricing. More importantly, they were able to increase productivity based on the insights gained from their spending behavior.

Over the years, CureMint has been carefully considering the demands of its customers and implementing features to accommodate such requests. This can be further emphasized through the company’s rapidly growing customer base, which increased from less than 10 to over 120 in a year. CureMint intends to leverage this momentum and expand its reach while remaining focused on enhancing its e-procurement platform. “We want customers to touch and feel the impact of our system rather than unproductive demos and talking; this means onboarding clients in minutes, an accomplishment that has not been achieved by any of our contemporaries so far,” notes McCarty. With a zealous mindset to transform purchasing and sourcing processes into an organizational advantage for dental organizations, CureMint intends to eliminate the complexity associated with e-procurement and make its platform accessible to all.