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Our core purpose is to better the lives of all we touch, with simple, powerful technology.

Help make people's life easier.

For most working professionals, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. While technology is usually turned to as a solution, often such solutions become a source of anxiety and frustration resulting in more harm than good. 

We believe that businesses exist to make the lives better of all they touch. This, of course, applies to our customers, but at CureMint we believe this starts with our team.

We work hard and play to win by reshaping the way entire industries procure their products.

We embrace the challenge as an early stage startup in tackling legacy platforms and are building a strong, talented, and purpose-driven team.

Our core values


Honesty, integrity, trust

Passion & purpose

Success through other's success


Pursue greatness


Career Opportunities


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We're not actively hiring at the moment, but we're always looking to add amazing talent to the CureMint team. Please feel free to leave your resume and we will reach out when the time is right!