Support Level Agreement

Last Revised Nov 30, 2022

1. Technical and Product Support Overview

CureMint’s support team strives to deliver exceptional, industry-leading service to fully empower our customers on the platform.

2. User Support Access and Delivery

Unless otherwise specified in your agreement, user support channels will be monitored Monday-Friday, between 9:00 am est-6:00 pm est with the exception of the following observed holidays.

Table 1: CureMint Observed Holidays

New Years’ Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day*

Memorial Day


Independence Day

Labor Day


Day after Thanksgiving*

Christmas Eve*

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve*

*Exception for Enterprise or Elite Support Packages

Expected support response times and escalation paths depend on overall ticket volume, incident type and severity, and/or additional support services purchased by the Customer.

3. User Support Channels

3.1 General

3.2 Dedicated (If Applicable)*

  • Customer Success Manager email 
  • Customer Success Manager phone
  • Customer Success Manager text

Expected support response times and escalation paths depend on overall ticket volume, incident type and severity, and/or additional support services purchased by the customer.

4. Developer Support

  • Suspected bugs can be reported using CureMint’s standard user support channels. 
  • Additional support work or consultation on CureMint’s integrations can be facilitated through our Vendor Success team and/or through a Professional Services engagement – please contact us for more information.

5. Platform Service Availability and Security

Availability” means the ability of a system or user to access the CureMint Platform and use it for its intended purpose. The CureMint Platform is unavailable if the CureMint Platform is unreachable for a system or user or cannot be used for its intended purpose, excluding System Maintenance. 

System Maintenance” means all routine, scheduled maintenance, all testing periods, and all maintenance which falls outside of the regularly planned maintenance window in each case as related to the performance and security of the CureMint systems.

Information regarding system performance, service availability, information infrastructure, data compliance, and security may be requested through the standard support channels and granted at CureMint’s reasonable discretion.

6. Notification of System Maintenance or Unavailability

  • Scheduled Platform maintenance/downtime: In-app notice at least 5 days in advance
  • Scheduled Support unavailability (>3 hours): In-app notice at least 2 days in advance
  • Unscheduled unavailability: Commercially reasonable efforts made to provide notice

7. Response Times and Escalation Paths

Response times and investigation times will depend largely on the Customer’s Support Package as well as the severity level assigned by CureMint to the Customer’s ticket (in its reasonable discretion).

7.1 Assessment Process

  1. A user from a Customer’s account contacts Support to report an issue.
  2. CureMint Support gathers details from the user and attempts to reproduce the issue; this is “First Response”. If the issue can be reproduced, it is forwarded to Engineering for review.
  3. The Engineering team also attempts to reproduce the issue. They must be able to reliably reproduce the exact issue in order to assign a severity level to the ticket based on predetermined criteria (see “Severity Criteria” below).

Table 2: Platform Support Severity Criteria

Severity Level Severity Criteria
Sev1 – Critical

Severe Impact 

Platform production and/or mission-critical services are unavailable for use and/or mission-critical data are severely compromised, and no immediate workaround is available.

  • All or a majority of your main CureMint Platform is unavailable for use or not functioning.
  • Purchasing and/or business operations are completely disrupted and critically impacted.
  • Majority of your users or all mission-critical users are affected in your CureMint Platform.
Sev2 – High

Major Impact

Platform production and/or mission-critical services are seriously impacted, and a workaround is either unavailable or provides only partial impact relief.

  • Critical business operations are seriously affected and/or a core component of a mission-critical feature or function is not available for use.
  • The issue has created a direct and significant financial impact to your business.
  • Large number of users or the majority of mission-critical users are affected in your CureMint Platform.
Sev3 – Medium

Minor Impact

Platform problem, error, or defect is non-­critical to the business and/or a reasonable workaround exists.

  • Minor impact to critical business operations.
  • No direct significant financial impact.
  • Minority of mission-critical users are impacted.
Sev4 – Low

Minimal Impact

Platform is usable, only non-critical functionality or components are affected, and most operations and services are unaffected.

Table 3: First Response Times and Escalation Paths*



Expected First Response Timeframe Incident Escalation Path Penalty
Sev1 Sev2 Sev3 Sev4 Sev1 Sev2 Sev3 Sev4 Sev1 Sev2 Sev3 Sev4
Enterprise 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 24 hours CureMint Leadership Team Dedicated Support Dedicated Support General Support Credited $60.00 per hour. Credited $30.00 per hour. Credited $15.00 per hour. Credited $8.00 per hour.
Elite 2 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours Dedicated Support Dedicated Support Dedicated Support General Support Credited $40.00 per hour. Credited $20.00 per hour. Credited $10.00 per hour. Credited $5.00 per hour.
Standard 8 hours 12 hours 24 hours 36 hours General Support General Support General Support General Support Not Applicable
* Does not apply to incidents involving the Customer’s custom implementation plan of the CureMint platform reported outside of CureMint’s standard office hours. “Hours” or ”days” refer to business hours and business days.

Support package provided unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Customer Quote Form.

If CureMint fails to respond to the Ticket within the stated First Response Time, Customer will be credited the amount posted in excess of the stated Response Time (prorated to the nearest minute) until the Ticket is responded to. 

8. Penalties

The maximum aggregate credit available to Customer in each calendar month for CureMint’s failures to meet the Tickets’ corresponding First Response time (“Support Level Failures”) is equal to 100% of the pro-rated monthly fee stated in the Quote From as defined in the Terms and Conditions. Any such credit will be applied to the following payment due to CureMint.

If in any calendar month CureMint commits the number and type of Support Level Failures set forth below, Customer may terminate its Agreement by providing CureMint written notice in the calendar month following such Support Level Failures notifying CureMint of Customer’s intent to terminate the Agreement and providing CureMint with thirty (30) days to cure the causes giving rise to such Support Level Failures. If Customer reasonably determines that the causes giving rise to such Support Level Failures have not been cured, Customer shall provide CureMint written notice of such determination and may terminate the Agreement without penalty, effective thirty (30) days from such notice.

  • 2 or more Sev1 Platform Support 
  • 3 or more Sev2 Platform Support
  • 5 or more Sev3 Platform Support.

9. Excluded Items

CureMint is not responsible for a Service Level Failure to the extent that such failure is directly attributable to, or CureMint’s performance is materially limited by:

  1. Assistance in developing Customer-specific or User-specific customizations.
  2. Assistance with non-CureMint products, services, or technologies, including third-party enabling technologies such as vendor integrations, databases, computer networks, and or communications systems.
  3. Failure or omission of Customer (or Customer’s agent or a third party) including, but not limited, to Customer’s equipment, software, or other technology and/or Customer’s third-party equipment, software, or other technology.
  4. Troubleshooting issues with integrations the Customer or parties contracted by the Customer have built for CureMint.
  5. Assistance with any code that is developed outside of or in addition to the core CureMint Platform and/or related applications developed by the CureMint team.
  6. Data requests or corrections determined to be out of scope of expected Platform performance by CureMint (in its reasonable discretion).
  7. Customer (or Customer’s agent or third party) acts, errors, omissions, or breaches of this Agreement.
  8. When Platform Services or access to the CureMint Platform are suspended by CureMint as provided in this Agreement; or
  9. Team training or extended user training on the product, setup and configuration questions, assistance with administrative functions, or questions about business processes.
  10. Due to any event of Force Majeure. 

These and other services may be provided through other CureMint programs or through a Professional Services engagement. Please contact us for more information.

10. Incident Reports

Customer is responsible for notifying CureMint of any Service Level Failure within fifty-two (52) Business Days of such failure, pursuant to which CureMint will apply the applicable credit to the following payment due to CureMint.