Unicorn Finders Podcast: From Cannabis to CureMint with Chris Rathgeb CTO and Co-Founder

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Дек 08 2023

Successful startups have a diversity of talent at its foundation. Co-Founder and CTO, Chris Rathgeb’s journey reinforces this notion. Join the Unicorn Finders team in this light-hearted discussion around technology and software development.

The Unicorn FindersLearn how Chris went from getting his first computer at age 10 to his addiction with the game EverQuest fueling his curiosity to learn how to hack and reverse engineer games in his teenage years which led to the creation of his first business at 15.

By the college years, his undergrad and Masters in Computer Science led him to work for one of the labs for the Department of Energy specifically on the cyberwarfare team helping them reverse engineer malware.

Listen closely to discover whether or not Chris is the founder of Bitcoin — sorry no spoilers!

Next Satoshi, I mean, Chris embarked on the path of app development. During this period, he launched multiple businesses some successful, some not so successful.

Eventually, a friend introduced him to the world of cannabis, another high point in his life. But only because he got to help build the technology around this rapidly growing market.

It was years later when he was obsessed with the idea of building a company that was product-led with the customer and the problem to solve at the forefront that he happened to meet his co-founder, Brandon McCarty who just so happened to be solving the dental procurement problem with same approach in mind. This synchronous meeting led to the birth of CureMint as it exists today.

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